AdTracker OnLine (ATOL) Training Manual

ATOL Training Manual  - This is the complete PDF version of ATOL Training manual.

ATOL Training Manual Table of Contents

    PDF Documents

    Ad Ratings
    Copyrights and Trademarks Guide
    Submission Deadlines
    File Naming Convention
    Instructions Not Followed (INF)
    PDF Handling
    Pickup Ad Size Mismatch

    Political Guidelines

    Political Advertising And Disclaimers

    Marijuana and CBD Guidelines

    Recreational/Medical Marijuana and CBD guidelines


    Digital Advertising Specifications

    Digital Output Styles
    Creative Solutions Help Desk

    Any issues that require assistance outside the normal business hours MUST be entered through the Creative Solutions Help Desk at   Your ticket will be assigned to the appropriate person(s) for review and resolution.

    Wiki Page Form
    Creative Solutions Font List